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Gamma Tech focuses on meeting the demands of feed mill factories by supplying individual machines, spare parts for ring dies, bulkers, and offering full turnkey solutions.

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Trusted by over 3,000 clients worldwide

One-step Service

Providing from A to Z one-step solution for whole feed mill project.

OEM & ODM Service

Including private labeling, to help customers enhance their brand image.

Customization Available

Providing a tailored experience for your project.


Obtain High-Quality Machine from Suppliers without Paying a Premium Price.

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Our Solution

Feed Mill Turnkey Project

Supplying from A to Z full turnkey feed mill Project including electric control and steel structure etc.

Packing & Robot Palletizing

800 bags per hour full automatic robot palletizing line running 6 years with zero maintenance.

Manure Composting Project

Groove type compost turner exported to Mexico for manure fermentation.

Biomass Wood Pelleting Project

Wood Pelleting Line in Poland including Wood Chopping, Grinding Pelleting and Product Packing.

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Meet Our Project

Feed Mill Project

In Saudi

10tph feed mill turnkey project including machines ,steel structure control system

China Raw Material Storage

Big square silos project for Haida Group to supply to big raw material storage system

Soya Warehouse


Raw material galvernized Soya intaking and unloading system for soya and corn

Compost Turner In Mexico

Crawler Type Manure Compost turner which is very popular in South America and Middle East

Served Thousands of Clients Worldwide

Gamma Tech has fostered robust business relationships with numerous feed milling factories, catering to their requirements for complete new projects or upgrades.

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“we are happy with the customized ring die with good price to help us decrease the cost of production !”

General manager

“Gamma Tech have very high quality machines with nice paint and compitive price. Thanks to the team efforts to help us finish feed mill, great!”

Mr Abdul

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