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Choose Your Suitable Compost Turner

Compost turner we have two kinds mainly ,one of them is crawler type outdoor and the other is indoor groove type

Crawler Manure Compost Turner

 Full-hydraulic, all-weather, full-working condition

Compact design, simple operation and saving space

Various Size with Different Capacity FD300/350/400

Groove Manure Compost Turner

Indoor operation with Groove

Dimension and capacity customized

High Efficiency

Top Chinese Quality Compost Turner

The FD series organic fertilizer turning machine produced by us is widely used in the fermentation production of various livestock, poultry manure, domestic garbage and sludge treatment, which can play the role of turning, stirring, crushing, oxygenating and volatilizing water, Compared with similar domestic agricultural machinery products, it has high turning height (2.2 meters in height), wide turning width (5 meters wide turning width), long turning and throwing distance, can be lifted as a whole, easy to operate, comfortable working environment, and easy to produce. High benefit 500~3000 cubic meters per hour and other advantages. The use of this equipment can make the material automatically form a triangular stack after turning over, and the equipment has good reliability and low failure rate. Since the full hydraulic system is used, although the cost is a little higher, there is basically no need to consider future maintenance costs.

Key Features and Benefits

Full Hydraulic Operation

1. The founder of domestic fully hydraulic self-propelled compost turner, fully automatic trough-type compost turner (throwing machine, stacker turner) technology, and the one with a large proportion of the compost turner market.

Flexibile in Application

2. The turning machine is suitable for various types of materials: viscous materials (livestock and poultry manure, domestic sludge, etc.), loose materials (industrial and agricultural organic waste, urban domestic waste, etc.), entangled materials (long straw , wheat straw, etc. for mushroom fertilizer fermentation).

Strong Capability

3. It is an enterprise famous for its practical technologies such as complete sets of bio-organic fertilizer equipment, fermentation bacteria and fertilizer production.

Reputation in China

4. It has grown into a domestic professional manufacturer and supplier of compost turning machines and turning throwing machines. Provide bio-organic fertilizer plant engineering design to generate large economic benefits with small investment.

Find Professional Suppliers to get higher Quality of feed machinery and reducing production Cost

we have special consultant for ring die design based on various of feed formulations . better holes arrangement and more quntity to improve die performance . also special material 48mn shells will last longer life spam .