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High Quality Double Shaft Paddle Feed Mixer

Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

Stainless Steel Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

Models of Feed Mixer

Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

  1. SLHSJ1 11KW 0.5ton/Batch Volumn:1CBM
  2. SLHSJ2 18.5KW 1ton/Batch Volumn:2CBM
  3. SLHSJ3 22KW 1.5ton/Batch Volumn:3CBM
  4. SLHSJ4 30/37KW 2ton/Batch Volumn:4CBM
  5. SLHSJ7 45KW 3.5ton/Batch Volumn:7CBM
  6. SLHSJ8 45KW 4ton/Batch Volumn:8CBM

Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

  1. SJHS0.5 7.5KW 0.25ton/Batch Volumn:0.5cbm
  2. SJHS1 15KW 0.5ton/Batch Volumn:1cbm
  3. SJHS2 22KW 1ton/Batch Volumn:2cbm
  4. SJHS3 30/37KW 1.5ton/Batch Volumn:3cbm
  5. SJHS4 37/45KW 2ton/Batch Volumn:4cbm
  6. SJHS6 55KW 3ton/Batch Volumn:6cbm

Application Range

This series of products used in feed, food, chemical industry, medicine,  pesticide, etc in powder, granule, flake, and a mixture of hybrid materials.



     Mixing speed is high, short mixing period, a group of 30 to 90 seconds.

     Mixing uniformity, high CV up to 5%, and does not produce segregation.

    This gentle mixing process, large loading can be variable.

     Original “double door machine slot 90 degrees” patent technology, discharge rapidly, the biggest possible to reduce residual, and good sealing.

     Original “the axis of rotation of the gas seal structure” patent technology, better sealing effect, longer service life.

     Unique design of return air system, to ensure that in the process of all-round feed discharging flow smoothly.

     It can match the compressed air cleaning system, and the residue will be dropped to the lowest level.

    Can be customized special atomized spray system;

    Add honey, grease and other more even.

     According to customer demand, customized models of various materials: painted carbon steel, stainless steel, composite materials, etc.

Professional Machines From Professional Tools

Laser Cutter
Poweder Coating Machine
Welding Robot
Professional engineer

Photos of other sides

Othere machines around Mixer

Premix Adding Unit

Liquid scale adding unit

Conveyor system after Mixer


1. Delivery Time for Mixer

Reply: 30-60days depends on the Motor Power and frequency 

2. what is the Brand of Gear Motor and Bearings

Reply: we have two types of options , basic option is Best domestic brand (Guomao gear motor) and the other option is international brands(S.E.W gear motor plus S.K.F Bearing) to make service ?

Reply: we have three kinds service, first one is online service which is 7/12 hours. second option is we can supply service to local partners , third options is we have yearly service international trip.

4. are you Manufacturer?

Reply: yes , we are ,you can visit our factory in china .

if you have any detailed inquiry or question,you can send us email or message online.

Find Professional Suppliers to get higher Quality of feed machinery and reducing production Cost

we have special consultant for ring die design based on various of feed formulations . better holes arrangement and more quntity to improve die performance . also special material 48mn shells will last longer life spam .