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Feed mill Packing Scale and Robot Pallitizing Line

In recent years, the outstanding advantages of palletizing robots in terms of mechanical structure, scope of application, equipment footprint, flexibility, cost, and maintenance have made them widely used. At present, the handling and palletizing operation of palletizing robots occupies an important position in the logistics management process of modern enterprises, in order to avoid many disadvantages such as high labor intensity, low efficiency, and poor safety when completing these tasks manually. The means of operation has become an inevitable development trend. As early as the mid-to-late 1980s, Japan, Germany and other developed countries have made remarkable progress in promoting the automation and robotization of handling and palletizing. In recent years, the global robot handling technology has also developed rapidly and is widely used.

Gamma Tech Packing Scale type

In Feed mill industry. we have three types of packing machine is popular

@ Gravitiy weighing packing machine — only suitable for pellets feed especially for small capacity feed mills in the farm

@Belt Feeding Weighing Packing Machine —– suitable for mesh and pellets packing which is flexible (single hopper 300bags per hour and double hopper 600bags/hour)

@Screw Feeding Weighing Packing Machine—- suitable for premix feed packing machine

Our packing machine main advantages:

@ Fast Speed and high Capacity

@ Famouse Brand of key parts

S.M.C cylinder /MCGS touch screen/

@ Sewing machine auto cutting

@ Belt conveyor speed adjustable

we have more than 800 units packing machines running in all the world .

Gamma Tech Auto Bags delivery system

1.2 Automatic bag taking mechanism

1.3 Automatic bag clamping and bag loading mechanism

1.4 Automatic bag opening mechanism

1.5 Automatic bag feeding mechanism

feed mill popular type we have two kinds ,one of them is 450-600bags per hours and second type is 600-800bags per hour .

GAMMA TECH Robot Pallitizing

Product Name: Robot Palletizing 

1 . Bags/boxes/crates travel up the in-feed conveyor

2 . Slightly inclined gripper receives the bag/box/crate and places it against its back edge

3 . Centralisation unit inside gripper places bags/boxes/crates straight in the lateral centre of the gripper width

4 . Gripper doors open simultaneously. Bags are dropped on sliding doors. Boxes and crates are lowered on sliding doors by centralisation unit

5 . Pallet is lifted up the enclosed stacking cage to be right underneath the sliding doors where individual layers are formed

6 . Once layer is complete, squeeze collar compresses it to create a tight confined layer to the pallet’s dimensions

7 . Sliding doors open to place layer on the pallet

8 . Sliding doors close and a new layer is started. At the same time, pallet moves up to press against underside of the sliding doors to press and flatten recently formed layer

9 . Pallet drops back down slightly for next layer to be placed on a flatten surface

10 . Process is repeated until pallet is complete

11 . As the pallet exits, a new layer starts. The sliding doors provide buffer to allow continuous palletizing

Find Professional Suppliers to get higher Quality of feed machinery and reducing production Cost

we have special consultant for ring die design based on various of feed formulations . better holes arrangement and more quntity to improve die performance . also special material 48mn shells will last longer life spam .