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Including Feed Machinery , Steel Structure ,Electric Control , Delivery, Installation and Commissioning

1. Raw material cleaning

Bulk raw corn and soybean meal are received; the cleaning process is all the operating units that pass the corn and soybean meal that have passed the inspection of the raw material inspector into the silo. In this process, the impurity in the raw material is firstly removed by impurity removal equipment, and then transported to the silo by receiving equipment and demagnetization equipment as planned. Production line equipment includes receiving devices (such as unloading pits, platforms, etc.), conveying equipment, primary cleaning screens, and magnetic separation devices (such as permanent magnet cylinders, permanent magnet drums, etc.). For the receipt of bagged raw materials, it means that the loading and unloading personnel unload the raw materials that have passed the inspection of the raw material inspector and store them neatly in the warehouse. In the process of receiving goods, four points must be achieved: 1. Accurately count the quantity; 2. There is no quality problem with the raw materials; 3. The receiving path is correct; 4. The receiving environment is clean.

2. Batching process

The batching process is to weigh the raw materials in the batching bin from the feeder under each batching bin to the batching according to the formula requirements. After each raw material is weighed by the batching scale, the raw material is transported to the powder storage bin. The ingredients are weighed out from the silo, and these weighed raw materials enter the powder silo, and a small amount of materials and premixes are directly weighed manually and put into the silo for mixing. The quality of the batching process directly affects the accuracy of the product batching.

3. Crushing process

The crushing process refers to sending the raw materials to be crushed in the silo to the crusher to be crushed into powder, and then sent to the silo to be mixed by the conveyor before use. The purpose of this process is to control the particle size of the material. The design efficiency of the crusher in this process determines the capacity of the process equipment, and it is also the process with the largest energy consumption in the production of powdery materials. Monitor and confirm the hammer, screen, current, noise and crushing path at any time.

4. Mixing process

During the mixing process, various crushed raw materials are discharged into the mixer from the mixing chamber, and oil is added to the feed in the mixer through the liquid adding system as required, so that all components are mixed evenly to achieve the desired mixing effect. Uniformity. The material discharged from the mixer is the finished product, which is directly sent to the packaging process of the finished product for packaging and delivery. When producing pellet feed, the mixed powder is sent to the silo for pelleting. In order to ensure the efficiency of the mixer, maintenance personnel must regularly check and repair the equipment, and regularly test the efficiency of the mixer.

5. Granulation process

The mixed material is sent to the compression chamber of the granulator after being tempered by magnetic separation from the granulation bin, compressed into granulated feed, cooled by the cooling tower, and sieved by the screening equipment to obtain standard granules. Magnetic separation equipment must be cleaned regularly to prevent iron impurities from damaging the granulator. When quenching and tempering, the steam volume should be adjusted according to the requirements of the granule variety, and the ring die (aperture, compression ratio, material, etc.) should be selected according to the quality requirements of the granule process. Particle temperature and humidity. According to the variety, indoor temperature and humidity, season and other factors, adjust the cooling tower to achieve qualified particle temperature and humidity.

6. Finished product packaging process

The feed is weighed by the packaging scale from the finished product warehouse, put into the packaging bag, and then the packer inserts the label and seals it, and then is transported to the warehouse by the transport vehicle for stacking.

Gamma Tech has richful experience for project management . we have our own FPD system to flow the project from Beginning to the end .

Facilities to manaufacturing good machines

all good machines from good equipment, since 2009,we have imported many advanced equipments to increase our quality level to ensure the apperance and qulity . meanwhile most of key parts in the machine we are using international brand like S.K.F/ S.E.W/SIEMEN.S MOTOR etc .

Project Delivery 

since long time, all our machines delivery for international project is made by steel pallets to make fast in and out for machine loading and unloading to container ,meanwhile we can protect the machines to avoid any damage during loading and unloading. no damage to the container also . detailed packing list of each pallet to avoid loss for any small parts on jobsite .

Project installation and commissioning 

for all projects ,installation are so important ,since many customer they don’t have experience for machinery installation ,and easy for them to make mistake , so we will send full team from china or professional installation supervisor who has richful project installation experience which can hand the installation from A to z without any problem,also we can send PLC programmer and project manager when we start commissioning

what types of project we can supply 

   we can supply full turnkey project as below :

   @poultry and large animal feed production line 

   @ premix plant 

   @ fish and shrimp feed prodcution line =

   @ corn flaking line 

   @ wood biomass pellet line 

   @ fertilizer pelleting line 


1. Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We are a professional manufacturer will pellet machinery, which has almost 13 years of experience in this feed

pellet machinery industry. Trust Me, Choose Gamma Tech is the best decision you ever made. 

We have professional R&D team, design team , production team ,sale team and after-sale team, we will provide the

most professional service for you . 

2. Q: How can I get to your company?

A: You can get a flight to shanghai Airport. We are just about 2hours away from shanghai Airport. Welcome

To Visit Gamma Tech factory and project case in China. 

3. Q: How long is your warranty time?

A: one year(Calculated from the equipment arrives the customer’s side.). After this period we will definitely support you 

we have online trouble shooting and some makets we have local supervisor for support . also we can send engineer from china if we cannot solve by other way.

4. Q: Will you send engineers to install the plant?

A: yes, We can arrange the professional technical engineers to installed for you , but at an extra cost payable by the customer. On The time, our engineer will train your team how to operate all the complete line. Or you can get local contractors to do the commissioning and we send one supervising engineer.

5. Q: Do you have some foreign customers using your equipment?

A: yes, we have.our company has established business relationships with customers in Poland, Clumnbia ,German,Slovakia,Ukraine,Vietnam,Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,Afghanistan, Indonesia, Thailand, and other countries.

6.Q:What capacity of your equipment ? Can You design the sheme for me ?

A: Our equipment can meet 1-100t/h capacity requirement. We can free design the different project sheme for you . Include the 1-production construction design drawings, 2-steel structure full drawing and steel material list; 3-plant and sectional layout graph of workshop drawings. 4.steel structure construction drawings, 5-the detailed steel structure drawings and materials list;6-diagram of floor, roof and wall reserved hole ;7-Oscillatory coefficients of equipment.

Find Professional Suppliers to get higher Quality of feed machinery and reducing production Cost

we have special consultant for ring die design based on various of feed formulations . better holes arrangement and more quntity to improve die performance . also special material 48mn shells will last longer life spam .