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Aluminum Feed Bulkers

Product Features:

  • Curved Shape Structure: Jointless bending with resistance reduced ,improve tank body strength with better appearance .
  • Discharging speed can reach 450-550kg/min
  • Bulker can be devided into 4-6 sections
  • High pressure Air unloading system to reduce feed mesh breaking ratio .
  • No residue , low failure ratio
  • Wind conveying and unloading, imported fluidization device, imported Roots air pump, conveying feed through air pressure, realizing long-distance feeding and improving the level of epidemic prevention
  • Accessories: with remote control
  • Auger can be driven by electric motor or hydraulic pump .
  • power can be from PTO of truck head or by ISUZU Diessel Generator .

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Hydraulic Feed Bulker

Model: DCA9360ZSLB600       Product number: ARYPZ6YL02W
Size: 13000X2550X3990mm    Total Weight: 40000KG    Overall weight:12500KG
Rated loading weight: 25000-27500KG   Turning radius: 1785mm  Minimum Ground Clearance: 400mm
With Anti-lock device  Wheelbase: 7450+1310+1310mm
Quantity of tire: 6pcs   Specification of tire: 385/65R/22.5 (Can be customized)
Consist of:

※Traveling system
Traction pin model: 90# or 50#.
Rear bridge: GUANGDONG FUWA 10T
Type of hanging: Longitudinal multi-plate leaf spring non-independent suspension
Tire: 385/65R/22.5
Braking form: Independent, dual circuit, pneumatic, drum brake

※Tank device
Type: Rounded (gooseneck), 6-bin opening
Material: steel made ,tank 4mm thickness and double side cover thickness 6mm.
Size: 11150xφ2350mm
Maximum loading capacity: 27200kg.

Binning process:6 bins with separate opening mechanism, can load 6 different kinds of feed at the same time,

can control the opening degree at will, control the unloading speed

Tank production process: CNC material, computerized seam welding, large package

can machine integrated forming (circular arc) process, flat and smooth, without the whole surface putty,

beautiful, durable, high strength, small wind resistance; overall shot blasting rust removal, three bottom two special paint, special drying room

※Asperation system:

Air pump &valve from B-TOHIN Brand.

Pressure arrange 0.6mpa-1.1mpa.

Power from ISUZU Diessel Generator.

Discharging Speed :450-550kg/min

Discharging Length:25000mm

Discharging Height:less than 10m

Residue Ratio:less than 0.22%.


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