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Above are the regular Spare parts we supply to our customer with long term cooperation relationship

Product Description

Pellet Mill Spare Parts Ring Die By Alloy Steel/Stainless Steel


we are specializing in the production of feed machinery and its spare parts. Focusing on developing a variety upscale stainless steel material granulated(X46Cr13)molds and alloy steel (20CrMnTi, 40Cr) material pressure roller. Company located in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province. Here is are some pictures of our products that may suit your requirements. For more, please check and select the products that you’re interested in. We can make all kinds of pellet mill ring dies according to customers’drawing. 

1. Grade: First level

2. Size:1.0~20.0 mm

3. Certification: CE ISO SGS

Our ring die is applicable for:

1.Biomass pellet machine: wood pellet mill, sawdust pellet mill, grass pellet mill, straw pellet mill, crop stalk pellet machine, alfalfa pellet mill etc.

2.Fertilizer pellet machine, all kinds of animal/poultry/livestock feed pellet machine. 

We can make many famous models ring die & roller shells,such as:

SZLH,CPM, B.u.hler, PTN, Andritz Sprout, Matador, Amandus Kahl, Muyang, Paladin, Sogem, Van Arssen, Yemmak, Promill,etc.

We make all kinds of pellet mill ring dies according to customers’ drawing. 

• For Zhengchang pellet mill: SZLH250, SZLH300,SZLH320,SZLH350,SZLH400,SZLH420,SZLH508, SZLH678, SZLH768, etc

• For Muyang pellet mill: MUZL180, MUZL350, MUZL420, MUZL600, MUZL1200, MUZL610, MUZL1210, MUZL1610, MUZL2010;MUZL350X, MUZL420X, MUZL600X, MUZL1200X(Especially for shrimp feed pellet, diameter: 1.2-2.5mm)

• For Awalia pellet mill: Awalia 420/520, Awalia350, etc

• For B.uhler pellet mill: B.uhler304, B.uhler420, B.uhler520, B.uhler660, B.uhler900, etc.

• Other kinds.

 Manufacturer Process and Facility:

all good products from good tools ,in China ,many factories they are using very old facilities ,very old gun driller to save cost.but quality of ring die is very difficult to ensure ,but their price is very cheap since their cost is smaller, but for us , in order to develop long term business we would like to invest in our facilities and make long term cooperation .we may have a little higher from beginning price side.but if you consider the cost per ton ,you will find out the our cost per ton is cheaper.

Strict Quality Checkign Process:


we are one of the few factories in China haver eight station gun driller from China which to ensure the accuracy and production efficiency for ring die production ,since 2019,we had new vaccum heat treatment machine which to enusre us to be biggest die heat treatment center in China , as we know heat treatment is the most important 

facility to ensure the hardness ,life spam and quality of dies . also we had very strict die QA process . all the dies we are checking after each procedure not only checking the final products quality before delivery , each step confirmation to ensure our final ring die quality is correct .

Ring manufacturing Process:

Scheme 1: Cutting, forging, normalizing, rough turning, quenching and tempering, fine turning, drilling (expanding) holes, carburizing, grinding – oxide layer), pressure test, (phosphorus passivation) and antirust oil coating Inspection and warehousing plan 2: Cutting, forging, rough turning, normalizing, fine turning, and drilling) hole, carburizing, grinding, pressure test, anti-rust oil coating, inspection and warehousing

Other spare parts we supply for feed machinery :

Find Professional Suppliers to get higher Quality of feed machinery and reducing production Cost

we have special consultant for ring die design based on various of feed formulations . better holes arrangement and more quntity to improve die performance . also special material 48mn shells will last longer life spam .